Valiant Kings, an internationally acclaimed dance music DJ and producer hailing from UK. With a deep passion for electronic music, Valiant Kings has become a prominent figure in the global dance music scene with releases on Universal Music MENA, SIRUP, NewState Music, Tiger Records Germany, Wh0rehouse Records & many more!

With a knack for creating tracks that keep the dance floor alive, he is known for his infectious beats and captivating melodies. His seamless mixing skills and ability to read the crowd make every performance a memorable experience, whether he’s playing in Ibiza or at renowned venues around the world.

Valiant Kings’ dedication to his craft is evident in his constant pursuit of excellence. Always pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds, he continues to evolve as an artist and stay at the forefront of the international dance music industry.

Now based in Ibiza, Valiant Kings draws inspiration from the vibrant music culture and energy of the island, infusing his tracks with a unique blend of electronic sounds that resonate with audiences across continents.

Join Valiant Kings on his international musical journey as he continues to make waves in the dance music world. With his undeniable talent and passion for creating unforgettable experiences, he is sure to leave a lasting impression wherever he performs, captivating audiences from Ibiza to the far corners of the globe.